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Val-de-Reuil, home of AADC Dakar residents

aadc val-de-ruel

Val-de-Reuil known and recognized ... even at the other end of the world! In recent days, some twenty high-level athletes from Canada for some, from Africa to others, train tirelessly under the athletics hall Jesse Owens and stadium Bernard Amsalem.
The African delegation, led by El Hadj Amadou Dia Ba (Olympic 400m hurdles Olympic champion at the Seoul Olympics in 1988 and today director of the African Athletics Development Center) and composed of 11 Senegalese, Gambian athletes, Cameroonian (20 to 25 years old), is also counting on this French stay of one month to prepare at best for the African Games which will take place in August 2019; and at the World Athletics Championships in Doha (Qatar) in September for those who were able to win their ticket.
Among the African headliners present in Val-de-Reuil, we will remember names like Gina Bass, bronze medal of the 200 meters at the 2016 African Championships or Adama Jammeh, silver medal of the 200 meters at the championships of Africa 2016.
For Bernard Amsalem, former president of the French athletics federation, this plebiscite of the Normandy hall by foreign delegations, is an asset that he intends to make the case for the Olympics 2024. "We hope that our region will be selected to be based advanced for the Olympics; in this case to accommodate a maximum of delegations. The negotiations will open in the coming weeks.