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Algiers 2020: CAA and FAA take stock of preparations


Issues related to the organization of the next Senior Africa Athletics Championships, scheduled for June 24-28 in Algiers, were the focus of a meeting held on Tuesday, November 12th in Zeralda, between officials of the Confederation of African Athletics (CAA) and those of the Algerian Athletics Federation (FAA).

The CAA was represented by its CEO, Mr. Lamine FATY, and its technical director, Mr. Aziz Daouda, while the FAA was represented by its president, Mr. Abdel hakim Dib, its General Secretary Mr. Abderahmane Belaid, its treasurer Mr. Rabah Deradji, Mr. Abdelkrim Sadou, Mr. Amine Djouhri and its communication officer Mr Mohamed Zemmour.

The meeting was opened by the president of the FAA, the speech was given to Mr. FATY who after a brief return on the program of the CAA delegation since its arrival in Algeria has drawn up a roadmap to be materialized to ensure a good organization of these continental event.

One by one, the participants, each in his "field ", tried to define the actions to be carried out in time to avoid being under pressure at the last moment.

For this purpose, deadlines were set for each action and were set in order to be able to work normally and ensure everyone, athletes and officials good conditions of competition and work and ensure a beautiful show to spectators.

In this sense, participants reviewed several points relevant to the preparation of the competition including the program of events, accommodation and catering sites, transport of athletes, officials and journalists, accreditation, protocol, flagging the city, communication tools such as the logo and posters, anti-doping control and other miscellanies such as visas and other testing match before the competition as well as the upgrading of officials were tackled at this meeting.

At the end of this work session, both parties declared themselves "very satisfied" with the job they did to deliver a competition of very high quality.

The CAA Director thanked the FAA members for their efforts, especially their commitment to meet the challenge and deliver quality competition on all levels.

The CAA delegation will come back next March to Algiers to assess the progress of the preparations for the African championships, which will record a strong participation.

During this stay, the CAA delegation visited the family of the late Rezki Azaoun, former Secretary General of the FAA, to present their condolences.

Mohamed Zemmour