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Sebastian Coe: Making Athletics the 4th sport in the World by 2020

Sebastian COE IAAFThe President of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) has published his 5th letter in a series of regular communications that aims to update the activities and news of the athletics family.

For Sebastian Coe, considerable progress has been made with regard to the priorities set for 2018. He recalled the important decisions taken at the last IAAF Council, including new principles concerning transfer of Allegiance, new regulations concerning hyperandrogenism, the world athletics calendar, etc ...

"All these measures are significant progress. The next step, which will also be a challenge, will be to implement these decisions while continuing to revolutionize our sport. The IAAF President also welcomed the Athletics Family's participation in helping shape and make these clear decisions. Other satisfactions noted by the IAAF president are the implementation of governance reforms at the level of Continental Federations and Regions, the increase of athletic infrastructure, and the athletes who want to know how they can help to evolve the sport. "Everyone wants change, everyone is eager to be part of the change process and begins to see it. Together we must maintain this momentum to advance our sport. "

For Sebastian Coe, "our goal remains the same: to be the 4th sport globally by 2020, and not only the No. 1 Olympic sport."