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World Championships: The Extended Qualification Rules

DibabaMonacoThe International Athletics Federation (IAAF) has published the qualifying rules for the 2019 World Championships in Doha, Qatar (27 September-6 October), with several possible entry points. Main innovation, the use of a world ranking system similar to those of tennis or golf, which will award points to each performance achieved, weighted by the importance of competition. This system, similar to that used between 2001 and 2006, has not yet been formally established by the IAAF.

Second gateway to qualify for the Worlds, the invitations: they will be awarded to the outgoing world champions, winners of the Diamond League or leaders of specific circuits (hammer, walk, combined events).

Finally, the classic system of minima remains in force, according to IAAF criteria. Each country will be entitled to a maximum quota of three athletes per discipline (four if it has a qualifying "invitational"), with a fourth alternate athlete. It is up to each national federation to make its selection, according to its own criteria, if it has more qualified athletes than possible. If a country has no qualifier, however, it will be possible to register an athlete.