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Elio Stroppiana, co-founder of Mondo, dies

ElioStroppianaThe IAAF is deeply saddened by the news that Elio Stroppiana, a co-founder of Mondo, died on Saturday (26) after a long illness at his home near Alba, Italy. Stroppiana was 80.

Together with his brother Ferruccio, Stroppiana co-founded Mondo, turning the artisanal ball and toy production workshop that their father founded in 1948 into a worldwide leader in the manufacture and installation of commercial and athletics surfaces which currently employs more than 900 people in its three divisions which comprise nine production facilities and three subsidiaries around the world.

Mondo has provided the tracks for every Olympic Games since 1976 and has been an IAAF Official supplier since 1987. More than 260 world records have been set on the more than 1100 tracks made by Mondo that are installed worldwide.