South Africa urges innovation

South African leadership has stressed the need for “a fresh approach” from within the sport to be articulated through the ‘Global Conversation for the Future of Athletics’.

In reaching out to stakeholders across the nation, Aleck Skhosana, the president of Athletics South Africa, has urged forward-looking participation in the international discussion to lay the foundations for the future for the World Plan for Athletics 2022-2030.


In a press release issued, he said: “We ask our athletes (elite and otherwise), coaches, technical officials, Member Provinces and Associate Members, clubs, volunteers, Athletes Representatives (ARs), sponsors, the public and all our internal teams including federation employees to spare time to share with us ideas to take the sport forward.

“We live in a new era that forces us to now look at everything in a different way. We are forced to take stock of where we’ve come from, how we have been doing things and adopting a fresh approach moving forward. Thus we ask you, all of you, to add your voice to better the sport we all love.

”To have your say on the future of athletics, please complete the survey by the end of April.