Covid 19: CAA Launches Online Training for AADC

The African Athletics Confederation (CAA) has announced new changes to the program of activities of the African Athletics Development Centers (AADC) challenged by the coronavirus pandemic and its aftermath. Thus, the training component will be provided online by the experts, starting in July.

AADC Dakar has programmed six (6) activities intended for coaches for the preparation of the Youth Olympic Games (experts Dramane Coulibaly and Anthony Koffi), the fight against doping (Dr Mohamed Diop), the lives of female athletes in Covid 19 period (Fatima El Faquir), management of French and Portuguese speaking federations (Jee Isram and Sharifa) and CECS 2 SAUTS (Ralph Mouchbahini).

AADC Cairo has planned nine (9) seminars around the planning of the Tokyo Games for Jumping, CECS 1 and CECS 2 (Ralph Mouchbahini), CECS 2 (Dr Wolfgang Ritzdorf and Gunter Lange), Psychological Effects of Covid 19 (Pr Wael Refaee), Management of competitions during Covid 19 (Hamou Tijani), Physiotherapists women (Lutz Meissner), Training camp for young jumpers), and Road races.

AADC Nairobi has six (6) programs for secretaries general of federations, TOECS 2 (Chris Cohen and Gungaram), Heptathlon training camp (Maria Whopil and Beatrice Ayikoru), fight against doping (Stephane Bermon ) etc…

The training centers of Mauritius, Port Harcourt, Lomé, Lusaka and Dakar operate according to local realities.

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