World Athletics launches Athletics@Home

World Athletics has launched Athletics@Home, a new series designed to help people of all ages to stay fit, active and engaged during this period of unprecedented lockdown around the world.

The content, which will appear on both the World Athletics website and across its social media channels, is divided into four themes: Kids, Active, Rewind and Unwind.

The Africa senior Championships postponed to May / June 2021

Given the global health crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr Hamad Kalkaba MALBOUM, President of the Confederation of African Athletics, in consultation with the CAA Executive Board members, decided to postpone until May / June 2021 the 22nd edition of the Africa senior championships which were scheduled in Algiers from June 24 to 28, 2020.

CAA office closed

Attention to

-          Presidents and CEOs of National Federations

-          Council Members,

-          AADC Directors

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Given the current situation with the rapid spread of the COVID-19, the State of Senegal has taken the following measures since yesterday as part of the fight against this pandemic.

International technical officials on training

Twenty (20) International Technical Officials (ITOs), nationals of English-speaking and French-speaking African countries participated from March 2 to 5, 2020 in a seminar in Dakar on the "strategies for the organization of an athletics competition".

Lomé 2020 : Postponement of Africa cross-country championships

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, the Togolese Ministry of Sports through the Togolese Athletics Federation, sent a message to the President of the African Athletics Confederation to convey the concerns of the Togolese Government regarding the organization of CAA events which were planned in Lomé, from April 6 to 8, 2020.

Also, by email dated March 11, 2020, the CAA has been informed by many of our national federations of their government authorities’ ban on participation in international competitions.

Faced with this new situation, the CAA President, in consultation with members of the Executive Board, took the decision to postpone the African Cross-Country Championships of Togo until 2021 and the Council meeting until new date to avoid any threat on these events planned in Togo and preserve the health of our athletes and members.

Lamine FATY The Chief Executive Officer

Fabrice Zango and Gina Bass, the new African stars

Burkina’s Hugues Fabrice Zango and Gambia’s Gina Bass carry the hopes of African athletics on their shoulders. Still unknown to the big public, some time ago, they burst the screen during the 2019 season by appearing on the big scenes around the world.
For this season, the Algiers African Championships and the Olympics are the targets for the two new African stars.

The good points of AADC Dakar

Managers of the African Athletics Development Center (AADC) in Dakar have taken stock of more than a year of existence and identified prospects.

The African Athletics Development Center (AADC) of Dakar, set up by CAA, following the decentralization policy by World Athletics (ex-iaaf), opened its doors since December 2018 to eleven residents from Burkina Faso,

AADC Dakar signs a contract with a management company

The African Athletics Development Center in Dakar (AADC) has signed a partnership agreement with a management company with the ambition to give its athletes the opportunity to participate in “the biggest meetings” and to have «substantial income. »

6th AFRICA CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPIONSHIPS Agopomé Kodjovi Raphael, member of the LOC « The competition is a gift for Togolese Youth »

As a prelude to the 6th edition of the African cross-country championship scheduled for April 8 in Togo, Agopomé Kodjovi Raphael, member of the local organizing committee, is very confident.

How is Togo preparing for the event?

The event consists of two parts. There is the CAA Council meeting which will take place on April 6 and 7. In this regard, the CAA president, Hamad Kalkaba Malboum paid a visit to Togo from January 19 to 22, 2020. He had a meeting with the Minister of Sport, the Prime Minister and Head of Government and the President of the Republic of Togo. This is to reassure you that Togo is preparing in an exceptional way to welcome the elite of African athletics.

Do you have the necessary means to welcome all participants?

Yes. I can reassure you about this. For the organization of this cross-country, the Confederation of African Athletics has decided to support the organizing country with a grant of 50,000 dollars. With the reputation of my country to be good organizer, the government has decided to put at the disposal of the organization an amount which is almost 10 times what CAA gave. (Editor's note: we can estimate it to CFA francs 250, 000,000). This means that there is a national will embodied by the President of the Republic, Faure Eyadema to make this event an exceptional moment.

Is the Togolese Federation able to meet all expectations...?

I can say yes. But this is not only a matter for the Togolese Federation. Togo being aware of the fact that the organization of this competition is a very important event which will see the presence of CAA and World Athletics’ authorities, has taken up the challenge to host this continental competition in Togolese dignity and tradition. All members of CAA, World Athletics and those involved in African athletics will be warmly welcomed. The federation will be 100% ready.

Will Togo be represented, and how are the athletes preparing?
Indeed, Togo will be represented. Sure, our country is not a country used to winning the African cross country championships but we want to be part of this competition with dignity. This is why Togo has decided since December to regroup athletes who will participate in this competition. They started training to better approach this competition.

Who are these athletes?

There is Moise Ba Kombaté, a regular in all middle and long distance races in the sub-region. He has several times won the middle distance tournament in Burkina Faso, Dakar and even in Côte d'Ivoire. In women, there will be Maiza Alimine who won three times the Dakar marathon. Besides, there will be other athletes selected by the National Technical Director (Dtn). They will all be at the Lomé African Athletic Development Center for preparation.

Will the elections in Togo not have an impact on competition?

No. Because at the beginning, the competition was scheduled from February 28 to March 1 and taking into account the elections which are scheduled for February 22, 2020, this date was postponed to April 6, 7 and 8, 2020. And when the Chief of State was contacted by President Kalkaba, he decided to get involved and invest himself fully for the success of this event. Because it is a gift to the Togolese Youth. You well know that Africans are the best in cross-country worldwide. So what could be more normal than encouraging such initiatives? It is an honor for the Republic of Togo which expects very positive input. The President of the Republic and his people want to offer all African Youth a quality show

How is mobilization done?

The President of the Republic himself solemnly appealed to all Togolese people to come massively to this competition.
By Anicet Zio